AfGrowLabs: a division of HairRaising Personal Care Products, Inc., is committed to the pursuit and development of the most up-to-date effective Hair Treatment restorative and maintenance systems designed for Men, Women & Children of color.

We are dedicated to the Clinical Research & Advancement of products specifically formulated for the unique requirements of black men and black women experiencing hair loss. The AfGrow System instantly repairs & restores damaged hair, while promoting new hair growth.

Through Natural BioScience and Research, AfGrowLabs has scientifically formulated this advanced 3-part hair loss treatment & restorative system. AfGrow™ with Restoree® is a clinically developed strategic hair loss & hair growth program, with over one million successful applications sold to date.

AfGrowLabs is constantly at the forefront of discovering the newest and most advanced natural & organic therapeutic hair treatments possible. Our continuing commitment is to consistently maintain the highest standards of quality & excellence, with the promise of scientifically developing the most effective non-chemical BioScience Treatments and products available.